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Don't Hide in Plain Sight

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

The day my son was born was by far the best day ever! He truly was a miracle after 12 hours of labor and C-section. I was so blessed that he came in to my life healthy and he instantly stole my heart. Quite a lot has happened over the past 18 years since he entered my life. With my marriage, my business, personal development, my internal thoughts, the ups and downs of every day life, my dad‘s passing, forging new amazing relationships, but the one constant throughout all of this has been my amazing, smart, funny son. Even now at 18, I think we are two peas in a pod! He is my favorite person and over the past few years, as he was entering the "teens", I was nervous that this incredible bond that we had might change. Of course, the relationship changed as he changed, but the bond has remained constant. I am truly grateful.

About a little over a year ago I asked him if he wanted to go out for lunch on a Saturday. I remember that day vividly and how great I felt when we got home. That we had uninterrupted time together, no housework, no bills, no emails, no dog, no distractions. I saw how valuable that was and I just spontaneously asked him, “Hey, how about we make this a thing? How about we do this every weekend when I’m not traveling?". It was kind of scary putting myself out there in the "teen world" asking my 17 year-old son to spend time with his mom, but to my pleasant surprise he quickly answered, "Sure".

This was one of the best decisions that I’ve made, because it has allowed us to spend hours and hours of uninterrupted time over this past year and as each month passes, I think to myself maybe this will wear off and he’ll get bored with the whole idea. But I realized that he looks forward to this time together as much as I do and it fills my heart.

Everyone is so busy in this world right now with all that’s going on, crazy work hours, kids, emails, social media and just every day life hitting us at every angle. So today I want to say, take time to talk. Take the time, uninterrupted with someone special in your life. Even if it’s once a month, it's priceless and unlike material things, you will always have those memories. Don' hide in plain sight. You might miss something amazing. xo

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