So here's the story! 

Beth has always had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since she can remember.  She's also always been very creative.  She started many businesses from the age of 18 and about 10 years ago she followed her passion of entertaining and cocktails and created an organic sparkling beverage brand from her kitchen.  Everyone who tried it loved it and she broke through many obstacles and overcame a million challenges (too many to list!) and successfully grew her little kitchen idea to a national multi-million dollar brand.  And she started it all by selling cases door to door from her car!  Crazy, right?  Well, it was a lot of work and but she persevered, even gaining the attention from investors. 

After years of working to grow the brand to her personal goal, she knew there was something greater waiting out there for her.  The brand that was her baby was all grown up...she raised it. It was time to move on and being a heart centered entrepreneur that she is, she wanted to create a mission driven company.  A company that elevates women.  To create and impact, to inspire and give back.  To ultimately change the the world with her brand and messaging.  We think she's a glow getter and pretty badass! 

Here are a few things that Beth has done over the years and she's so exited to share her expeereinces with you to help inspire you and create impact in your life...

- Approved for a $60K business loan at the age of 18

- Opened a video store just before the industry exploded and caught the wave of VHS tape frenzy! 

 Her store was the highest grossing store out of the 30 store franchise and all this at the age of 19. 

- Created a successful hand-crafted jewelry business selling nationwide to boutiques, galleries and Nordstrom. 

- Opened from the ground up a very successful coffee bar by day/bar by night concept overseeing construction, implementing processes, purchasing, hiring and training a staff of 65. 

- Started and ran successfully an executive search firm grossing over six-figures while working part-time. 

- Created and grew a fast growing organic cocktail catering business and was being booked by celebrity clients. 

- Created and launched a successful beverage brand from kitchen to store shelves, raising venture capital, with no beverage manaufacturing experince or formal beverage formulation training and grew it to a national multi-million dollar brand. 

And now the journey continues with many more success stories to follow - your success stories!